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Real Community Spirit.

Bweeng Community has a proud history of sporting activity crossing many sports such as GAA, Soccer, Athletics, Tug of War to name a few. Many clubs over the years have been very grateful for the use of the facilities that have existed within the community centre grounds and the facilities have catered for young and old and all abilities from the Bweeng community but also from neighbouring parishes. In recent years the centre has seen great development in terms of community playground and walkway in particular.

With the growth in the community numbers and the number of teams, schools and individuals using the centre, the focus on providing healthy active options for all is very much needed. The next chapter of developing an all-weather running track with a level green area is proposed to cater for this growth. The proposed new facility will offer a safe area for the clubs, schools and individuals within the community and beyond to exercise and keep fit both physically and mentally all year round.

The project will be partially funded by grants from different Government & Local Authority agencies but finance will have to be raised from the Community which will be done through various fundraising events.

The project is the biggest undertaking in the area and will need the support of all to make the dream a reality and provide better facilities for all. The Committee consists of members of the Bweeng Community Hall group along with the athletics club, soccer club and GAA Club.
Thank you for supporting us on our journey.

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